150th Anniversary of the Bermuda Hundred Campaign

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    Henry Hardenbergh captures a Confederate standard at the Second Battle of Deep Bottom, Virginia – August 16, 1864. Original painting, by military artist Keith Rocco, hangs in Tinley Park, Illinois Village Hall. (Courtesy Keith Rocco)
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    Major General Benjamin Butler faced Major General P.G.T. Beauregard in the most under-studied and least known campaigns in the American Civil War.

150th Anniversary Event

On Saturday and Sunday, April 26-27, the Chesterfield County Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Committee will present a unique immersion event to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Bermuda Hundred Campaign.

This event — unlike any other Civil War reenactment — will demonstrate to visitors what siege warfare and fighting was like in Chesterfield County in May 1864. On Saturday, April 26, Federal troops will awaken before dawn, and wind their way through the woods to confront the Confederate fortifications. As the sun rises, visitors following the path through the woods will hear the battle coming before they can see it: the Cavalry horses stomping and huffing, the Federals cautiously making their way through the thick underbrush, the Confederate preparing themselves for the battle. And then it begins.

Watch from the path in the woods as the Federal and Confederate forces meet in battle. Cannons from the Confederate fortifications on the rise above will challenge the Federal troops as they struggle to cross the rough terrain and continue on to Richmond.

As the fighting subsides, visitors will be able to enter the battle area and talk to the soldiers as they dig earthworks and fortify their positions.

In addition to the battle re-creations and skirmishes, areas interpreting the civilian, slave, medical and U.S. Navy stories will be set up for visitors to explore. Learn about the infantry, cavalry and artillery branches, as well as clothing, equipment, firearms, camp life and entrenchment construction.

This isn’t a polite re-enactment on a manicured field. This is war.

Event Details

Date: April 25 – 27, 2014

Location: Chesterfield County, Virginia

Address: 17901 Genito Road, Moseley, VA 23120

Phone: 804-768-7498

Admission Fee: FREE

Website: www.VisitChesterfieldVA.com/bh150

Times: Schedule of Events

Other Important Information: Weather, Food and water, Trails and accessibility

Parking: All general parking will be at Clover Hill High School, 13301 Kelly Green Lane, Midlothian, VA, 23112. Shuttles will be provided beginning at 6:45 a.m. both days.

Directions to Parking

Please note: There will be no public parking at Clover Hill Athletic Complex.

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